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Classroom & Virtual Workshops

Our workshops contain content that has evolved as a result of 30 years experience in the corporate communication training space. Designed inhouse and regularly updated to keep up with the latest business communication trends, these workshops are interactive and enable learners to immediately implement the new skills learnt in the training sessions.

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Business Writing

Effective business writing isn’t a skill that most people find easy! This Business English programme aims to make writing a manageable task by following a logical process in terms of what you write and how you write it.


Report Writing

In business, whether you are crafting a memo style informal report or drafting a lengthy formal report, how and what you write defines who you are. This one-day programme in business report writing takes you on a step-by-step journey, covering every aspect of report writing.

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Presentation Skills

This Presentation Skills programme takes learners through a step-by-step process for structuring and delivering effective presentations.


Communication, Conflict Management & Assertiveness

This programme aims to make learners more aware of verbal communication (what we say and how we say it) and our non-verbal communication, or body language.



Executive PA Skills

The aim of this workshop is to enable Executive Personal Assistants to ‘fine tune’ the necessary skills required for working at this senior level.


Personal Mastery

This Personal Mastery workshop will assist learners to gain control over vital aspects of their lives in order to achieve, regain or maintain, a balanced approach to being effective personally, and at work.



Customer Care / Service Excellence

Our Customer Care or Service Excellence workshop enables all frontline staff to 'care' for their clients and customers using tried and tested techniques to demonstrate excellence.


First Impressions for Receptionists / Frontline Staff

This First Impressions workshop has been designed with the goal of enabling front line staff to be upskilled and confident, and to become a real asset to their company, and of course to themselves.

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Introduction to Communication Skills

This introductory level workshop aims to explore human behaviour and to find ways in which staff can be more effective in dealings with others.


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