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Presentation Skills Training

Presentation Skills

Target Audience

This Presentation Skills programme is aimed at all employees who are interested in: identifying problems when compiling presentations; collecting, organising and critically analysing information when compiling a speech; communicating effectively when delivering presentations; and using technology to compile visual stimulation.

Course Overview

This Presentation Skills programme takes learners through a step-by-step process for structuring and delivering effective presentations. It starts with the preparation of your material and a study of the target audience, venue and intention. Then the programme investigates how to control nerves and to use positive body language and eye contact. We then explore crafting a professional speech using a proven formula and then look at ways to maximise the verbal aspects, by sounding interesting to listen to. We study the use and ‘abuse’ of visual aids, and how and when to use them to enhance a presentation; and finally how to deal with answering questions, and to control your audience.

All delegates are filmed four times, practicing various aspects of their presentations, and a DVD of these presentations is given to each delegate. Highly practical and fun!  

This Presentation Skills programme enables delegates to prepare and deliver professional presentations at all levels and for all types of situations.  

Every delegate will give four on-camera presentations and will receive a copy of these presentations following the training.

Specific Outcomes Covered

  • To learn to control anxiety.

  • To use a formula for crafting professional presentations with effective word choice and delivery.

  • To improve vocal impact.

  • To analyse the audience and a venue profile to assist with your presentation objectives.

  • To construct the text effectively to fulfil your specific intention.

  • To maximise your use of gestures and body language in your presentations.

  • To use visual aids to maximum effect.

  • To deal with questions and answers, and learn how to stay in control.

Training Medium

Interactive outcome-based workshop, including a learner workbook, outcomes and exercises. PowerPoint slides and on-camera presentations. Delegates receive a copy of their presentations.

NQF Level : 4
Credits Awarded: 5
Duration: Two/three days

Applicable Unit Standard: Present information in a public setting. (13925 US. No.)

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