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Business Writing Training

Business Writing

Target Audience

This Business English Writing workshop is aimed at any employee who is responsible for written correspondence both formal and informal, in a business environment. It is likely, though not essential, that English will be the employees' second language.

Course Overview

Effective business writing isn’t a skill that most people find easy! This Business English programme aims to make writing a manageable task by following a logical process in terms of what you write and how you write it.

The programme is highly practical and fun, and covers every aspect of writing from word choice, suitability and tone, to document layout and content development. It focuses on suggesting easy to implement solutions for common grammar problems, and offers plenty of practice to master these new techniques. You are shown how to ‘grab’ your reader's attention and to eliminate nonessential words from your writing. Email etiquette is discussed, and useful guidelines given regarding this, and business letter writing.

This is an intensive programme, but you will undoubtedly leave with a fresh perspective, and practical answers for improving your use of English for business. The results are tangible, easily measured and learner-centered. Although the programme is aimed largely at people who speak English as a second language, it is equally valuable to first language speakers.  

This Business English programme covers writing for business purposes in terms of accuracy, conciseness and persuasiveness. It focuses on writing style, common language errors, appropriate word selection and email etiquette. 

Specific Outcomes Covered

  • To make simple, appropriate and effective word selection.

  • To use punctuation correctly; to ensure clarity of understanding.

  • To avoid using gender bias.

  • To avoid redundancy and repetition in writing.

  • To understand the English ‘tense system’ and use it correctly.

  • To write effective emails, using appropriate etiquette and style.

  • To write a business letter which is effective in its content development and uses accuracy and a suitable style. 

  • To improve spelling.

Training Medium

Interactive outcome-based workshop, including a Living Dynamics' learner workbook, communicative games and exercises, and assignments. PowerPoint slides and games to apply language skills.

NQF Level: 4
Credits Awarded: 5
Duration: Two days

Applicable Unit Standard: Write/present/sign for a wide range of contexts. (119459 US. No.)

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