Personal Mastery

Target Audience

This Personal Mastery programme is aimed at all employees who are committed to the continuous improvement of everything they do.

Training Medium

Interactive outcome-based workshop, including a Living Dynamics’ learner workbook, exercises and assignments. PowerPoint slides and games to apply language skills.

Duration: Two days

Programme Overview

This Personal Mastery workshop will assist learners to gain control over vital aspects of their lives in order to achieve, regain or maintain, a balanced approach to being effective personally, and at work. 

 Specific Outcomes Covered

·         Mastering how you feel about yourself.

·         Creating a great first impression.

·         Developing your emotional intelligence.

·         Developing self-confidence and assertiveness.

·         Mastering balance and control in your life.

·         Getting the balance right between work and social activities.

·         Goal setting and practical time management principles.

·         How to manage stress in your life.

·         Mastering your non-verbal communication.

·         Using positive body language yourself.

·         Learning to read the non-verbal cues sent by others. 

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