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Report Writing

Report Writing

Target Audience

This Report Writing programme is aimed at employees who are responsible for writing reports as part of their work function.

Course Overview

In business, whether you are crafting a memo style informal report or drafting a lengthy formal report, how and what you write defines who you are. This one-day programme in business report writing takes you on a step-by-step journey, covering every aspect of report writing.

Throughout the day every aspect of writing a report is covered theoretically and practically. It is an interactive and engaging way to make the difficult job of report writing into a very methodical and achievable task.  This Report Writing programme will enable delegates to construct different types of reports in a logical, persuasive, concise and accurate manner to maximise effectiveness.  

Specific Outcomes Covered

  • To learn to assess the reader and objectives.

  • To present a report in a logical and attractive manner.

  • To identify different types of reports for various purposes.

  • To identify the difference between a recommendation and a conclusion.

  • To learn how to collect relevant information for the report.

  • To explore how to evaluate your findings and to check these for accuracy and objectiveness.

  • To select an appropriate writing style and vocabulary to enhance the outcome.

  • To decide on the correct use of active and passive forms.

  • To provide a step-by-step checklist to use for the entire report writing process. 

Training Medium

Interactive outcome-based workshop, including a Living Dynamics' learner workbook, communicative games and exercises, and assignments. PowerPoint slides and games to apply language skills.

NQF Level : 4
Credits Awarded: 5
Duration: One day

Applicable Unit Standard: Use the writing process to compose texts required in the business environment. (12153 US. No.)

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